A Radio

Born a Web Radio for those who enjoy the sound with harmony

The Mistura Fina came up with an innovative approach to web radio market: a station that had on your schedule the best and most renowned orchestras, ensembles, Big Bands, soloists, and finally quality background music, all with a very special flavor! a refreshing blend of Easy Listening. In this genre the station added countless loyal listeners.

With a different program that can also be heard on your iPod, the Mistura Fina stations remains one of the most qualified, with high levels of loyalty of his listeners who care for quality and sophistication.

Rather than promote orchestral music, instrumental, the Mistura Fina Web Radio has the vocation and mission, to spread the music as an instrument of quality of life, development and social inclusion. Mistura Fina Web Radio, turning dreams into reality and contribute to overcoming an achievement possible.

Be Very Welcome!

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